TECNAA’s meeting with officials of Textile Engineering College, Noakhali

campus meeting

TECN alumni, alongside senior officials from the Executive Committee, recently 1 May convened on campus for a meeting with Engr. Md. Saifur Rahman, Principal of Textile Engineering College, Noakhali, and esteemed faculty members on invitation from Campus. The session commenced with an address by Engr. Md. Saifur Rahman, serving as the Chief Patron of the TECN Alumni Association (TECNAA). Notable attendees included Executive Committee members such as Sudipta Bhattacharjee, Secretary for Literature, Culture, & Sports; Kamrul Alam, Joint General Secretary; Md. Tarek Aziz, Organizational Secretary; Md. Al Amin Islam, General Secretary; Nabiul Alam, Vice President; Saidul Karim Riaz, Member Secretary; and Md. Rakibul Hasan Roni, President. Additionally, guidance during the proceedings was provided by faculty members from Textile Engineering College, Noakhali, including Md. Abdus Satter, Assistant Professor, Non-Technical Department; Engr. Md. Enamul Haque, Assistant Professor, Mechanical Department; Mahmudul Haque, Chief Instructor, Non-Technical Department; Engr. Hasan Mahmud, Lecturer, Technical Department; Engr. Md. Zakaria Alam Jiku, Lecturer, Technical Department; and Engr. Md. Nusrat Jahan, Lecturer, Technical Department.

The agenda of the meeting encompassed the following focal points:

  1. Enhancing the standard of education and the pivotal role of TECN alumni in this endeavor. Engr. Md. Saifur Rahman underscored the imperative of elevating educational quality and welcomed the proactive engagement of the TECN Alumni Association in orchestrating campus seminars and symposiums. These platforms would showcase the latest educational and industry standards, with alumni experts at the helm. Additionally, TECN alumni expressed readiness to facilitate industry visits for students and demonstrators.
  2. Engr. Md. Saifur Rahman affirmed his affirmation to exchange database between TECNAA and the campus to fortify alumni relations. This initiative is slated to commence by May 15. Furthermore, the campus will incorporate the TECN Alumni Website into the Campus Website through designated Focal Points to bolster the institution’s branding.
  3. The impending publication of a campus magazine was deliberated upon, with the TECN Alumni Association pledging unwavering support in furnishing requisite information and adhering to administrative prerequisites for a publication of esteemed quality.
  4. Proposals were put forth by the TECN Alumni Association regarding the organization of reunions for alumni spanning the 1st to 12th batches, which garnered affirmation from the campus administration. The reunion is scheduled for December 16, with collaborative efforts assured.
  5. Deliberations ensued regarding the acquisition of accreditation from the Institution of Engineers, Bangladesh (IEB), as a testament to the institution’s commitment to quality education. The campus administration pledged full support, with TECN alumni undertaking the initial accreditation fee and initiating discussions with the Board of Accreditation for Engineering and Technical Education to fulfill requisites.
  6. The meeting also addressed enhancements to campus infrastructure and explored avenues for contributions from the Alumni Association.

A convening of the TECN Alumni Association has been convened to ratify the agreements reached during the Executive Committee meeting, scheduled for May 3th Executive Committee’s Meeting.


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