TECN Alumni Executive Monthly Meeting Minutes (November)

Date: 10.11.2023
Time : 7.00 pm
Place : Uttara, Cafe Rio restaurant


  1. Rakibul Hasan Roni, President
  2. Nabiul Alam Sajal, Vice President
  3. Al-Amin Islam, General Secretary
  4. Kamrul Alam, Joint General Secretary
  5. Tarek Aziz, Organization Secretary
  6. Sumaya Binte Anowar, Women & Child secretary
  7. Saidul Karim Riaz, Member Secretary

Meeting Minutes:

  1. Association will start to sit with influential members of TECN Community to minimize and get closure and strength unity.  (One of the major goals of the Alumni Association)
  2. Iftar Mehfil : Probable date 15th march ( 1st Friday of Ramadan). Association will make Pre-plan regarding fund & maximum presence of alumni and arrange subcommittee.
  3. Re-Union : Probable date 1st May-2024
    • Association will schedule meeting with the Principal Sir, TECN.  TECN Alumni will help TECN in all aspect regarding this.
    • Association will sit with TECN influential members of TECN Community for arrangement after setting the dates.
  4.  Next meeting will be help after 2 weeks (Zoom) and physical meeting in Jan/5/24
  5. Meeting quorum agreed to set 200 Taka membership Fee for General Members, Life Time Membership Fee Remain same 4000 Taka and which includes ID Card. Once membership confirmed member will be eligible to get the ID card. Our official website for membership registration will be open for membership by 11/18/23.
  6. Association declaring yearly Award in below categories with Thanks Award, Listing in TECN Alumni Directory, Campus Alumni Chapters/ Canvas). This will be declared in Re-Union and will be count from today to that event by a selection subcommittee.
    • Alumni Excellence Award – (Based on overall contribution)
    • Top 10 Contributors – ( Based on donations )
    • Active Member Award – (Longest and actively supporting Alumni)
    • Successful Alumni Award – (Successful in Industry)
  7. To brand TECN by academic articles, we will start online competition on academic writing, videography,  photography etc which will be starts from November  24, 2023 and Awarded prize money given bimonthly basis. Please be with our alumni official Facebook, x(Twitter), LinkedIn or official website for further guideline. Topics and Award Selection subcommittee is,
    • Md. Mazharul Islam Kiron – 2nd Batch
    • Mohammad Noor Nabi – 2nd Batch
    • Mushfiqur Rahman Sadiq – 4th Batch
  8. Association will start formal constitutional action to keep committee discipline and activeness between all committee members based on quorums.
  9. ID Card design reviewed and layout approved

ID Card Demo Front

ID Card Demo Back

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