Iftar Mehfil 2019

Press Release

Thanks all for making the TECNAA Iftar Mahfil-2019 a grand success on 24th May. TECNAA ( Textile Engineering College Noakhali Alumni Association) would like to thank every Alumni Engineer, running students and press personnel in a hostile rainy weather.

Honorable presence of Engr. Shafiqur Rahman, President, The Institute of Textile Engineers and Technologist (ITET) and Engr. Muhammad Salim Reza, Senior Vice President, ITET makes the program glorified. Presence of Masood Dawood Akbani, Managing Director, ACS Textile (BD) Ltd. and Shahriar Taha, Managing Director, Remex Corporation Ltd. were very inspiring. Honorable Engr. A K M Fazlul Haque, Princiapal, Textile Engineering College, Noakhali and Engr. Zahurul Haque Rabbani, Ex Principal, Textile Engineering College, Noakhali have shined the Iftar Mahfil. In fact Engr. A K M Fazlul Haque presided over the program

Events was started at 5:00 pm, 24 May with recitation from Quran, and followed by welcome speech representative from members and running students Md. Tarek Aziz, Md. Rafi, Dolan Bhowmik, Md. Rokon, MD. Abdullah Al Mamun Leon, Md. Rajiur Rahman Raju, Md. Rakibul Hasan Roni and Md. Mossabir Ahmed (General Secretary, TECNAA), then with a small speech from Engr. A K M Fazlul Haque, President of the Event and Chief Patron of TECNAA welcomed invited guests.

Engr. Md. Shafiqur Rahman, Chief Guest given clear vision to TECN, he focused on the unity of industry and significance of the ITET in all times movement in interest of Textile Engineers. He also addressed the TECNAA as the pioneer among other textile colleges in accumulating and submitting the ITET membership forms.

Engr. Zahurul Haque Rabbani, Ex Principal, Textile Engineering College, Noakhali focused on legacy of TECN and his fight to establish the B.Sc program in the campus.

Engr. Muhammad Salim Reza, Senior Vice President, ITET put light and emphasize on requirements of unity of textile industry.He acclaimed the TECN Allumni as a uniqe one.

Special Guest Mr.Masood Dawood Akbani, Managing Director, ACS Textile (BD) Ltd inspired us identifying the opportunity still left open for Textile Engineers.And he also expressed gratitude for inviting him in such a brilliant Iftar Mahfil.

Hriday Hira, President, TECNAA, thanked all guest on behalf of TECNAA and raised issues faced by Textile Engineers from this association. He also added and focused on the internship opportunities and job openings of the outgoing engineers sufficiently by the association and the textile personnel.

The program was followed by the enthusiastic photo sessions and friendly fervor.

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