2nd meeting of acting committee

2nd meeting of acting committee held on last Friday 11 Nov 2016. The main theme of the meeting was to identify the various aspects and draft TECNAA’s constitution. In this meeting drafted various important clauses. Some noteworthy clauses are as follows,

To make a member benefited, defined member’s right and benefits and added clause-11, from 12-13 defined and specified various aspect of members and membership. From clause 15-19 specifies meeting’s and it aspects. Mostly importantly, clause 20-22 defines the Executing Committee, its structure, positions, segregation of duties on positions, power etc.

3rd meeting is scheduled on 02 Dec 2016 4:00 pm at the same place with the hope that draft of constitution for final review will be ready along adding some more important clauses and rules that might needed by TECNAA.

Some vital points from meeting as follows,

Graduated student from Textile Engineering College, Noakhali now able to take general membership.
Deadline for the membership who able to take part on election is 31/Dec/16
Election will be held on 21 February 2016

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