The TECN Alumni Association exchanged views with current students

campus meeting with students

During the campus visit on May 1st, TECNAA visiting committee members sat with current students for an open discussion. The discussion encompassed the following points:

  • Current students expressed the need for more campus-related activities such as seminars or symposiums. TECNAA pledged to arrange such events, confirming their commitment to campus officials. Moreover, TECNAA plans to expand its activities both online and offline to bridge the gap created by the Covid pandemic and delays caused by elections.
  • Students requested the organization of a Job Fair at least once a year. TECNAA assured conditional support, stating that for the last batch for whom the Job Fair is organized, 100% registration with TECNAA is necessary. This condition ensures optimal attendance at the fair, preventing embarrassment for both the campus and the alumni.
  • Students also asked for assistance in acquiring books for the campus library. The committee assured full support from TECNAA and requested a list of books by May 15th to arrange for their procurement. Additionally, TECNAA announced a reward of 2,000 BDT worth of books for students who provide the best feedback on TECNAA, aiming to foster a strong alumni network.
  • The committee emphasized the importance of TECNAA in branding the campus through various online and offline activities involving TECN, alumni, students, and TECNAA itself.
  • TECNAA committed to initiating funds from alumni to enhance campus infrastructure. Additionally, they pledged to support the establishment and maintenance of official websites and software for campus clubs, starting with Mrittonjoy for the Blood Bank and the official website.
  • TECNAA assured that they would work alongside and support the campus clubs. However, clubs are required to approach TECNAA with a well-formulated proposal as part of their experience in handling patronship responsibilities and delegations.

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