Election Commission Formation- Election’19

For everyone to know that –
On the end of the first elected committee of TECNAA, according to  constitution, proposals to form a committee for the purpose of handing over the new responsibilities through the elections are being proposed.

According to the constitution, for the formation of the committee on behalf of the last five batch, the nomination on behalf of the following batch will be convened.

Third batch representative – Chief Election Commissioner.
Fourth batch representative – Election Commissioner
The fifth batch – Election Commissioner.
Sixth batch – Election Commissioner.
Seventh Batch – Election Commissioner

Through the 26th of March, all the batch referred to in order to form the selection committee will be requested to submit their names from their respective batches to the representative (whose batch will be selected according to their convenience).
Members of the election committee can not participate in the elections according to the constitution.

Robel (First Batch)
Member Secretary, Textile Engineering College Noakhali Alumni Association

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