Proposal for Textile Engineering College, Noakhali, Alumni Association

This massage carried from the conveners only.


We are very pleased to inform you that, on yesterday’s 1st batch Itar Party, we have discussed and concluded with a proposal for long waited Textile Engineering College, Noakhali, Alumni Association to shape TECN student brotherhood and unity in an organizational form. In view to faster steering, we are proposing following Convener from 1st Batch to whom you can directly contact and also looking for the list from other batch separately.



  1. Hriday Hira
  2. Ataullah Al Farhan
  3. Saidul Karim Riaz
  4. Abu Sayed
  5. Kazi Zulhash Uddin Ikram
  6. Mahabub Sarkar
  7. Nahid Zaman


(All the students of TECN are requested to contact with above person for any query and advice of Alumni)


Prepare batch wise list as convener by end of this month to work together on the formation of this association.



Initially Proposed Work flow

  1. Starting of August: All convener will be listed up in batch wise and will make batch wise alumni/student list
  2. Date as fix by Conveners: All convener will sit to setup objectives and organizational hierarchy. A temporary steering committee will be selected from this meeting by the conveners. 
  3. As per date fix by Steering Committee: Membership formally initiated and coordinated by steering committee. 
  4. As per date fix by Steering Committee: Election will be done to select the operational positions.  For the long run, goods hierarchical orientation and to jump on any unpleasant situation, we propose to hold some founding position on some most Guardian/Senior batch as other university’s association. 
  5. As per date fix by Alumni Association: Alumni Association will formally arrange their first meeting with their members. Where published all document, constitution. New proposals will be noted for later review by all member. 
  6. As per date fix by Alumni Association: Any change in organization principal will be publish online for review by members.
  7. Coming all events that related to TECN Alumni will be operated by this body and proposing, it would be yearly at least without any major reason.



Pls convey and ladder down this massage to all of our TECN Alumni/Student, so no one be missed. Add TECN Alumni/Student on this group as a member to keep them posted on any update/s.



Thanks for reading patiently and waiting for your prompt response in comment.


To give any feedback, you can also use below form, 

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S.m. Suman Xico
S.m. Suman Xico
8 years ago