TECNAA’s 1st meeting of acting committee

TECNAA’s 1st long meeting of acting committee done on 15 Jul 16 and come to closure on some vital points. Meeting started with general discussion and sharing views. On this discussion focused on TECNAA’s constitution, establishment, action plan of committee. Also discussed on social media activity, promotion and management. Attendance are Hriday Hira, Tarikul Islam, Ataullah Farhan, Saidul Karim Riaz, Jony Das, SM Suman Xico, Alamin Islam, Shailen Shaha, Md. Tarek Aziz, Kamrul Selim & Pronob Roy.

Later meeting carried on agenda’s and important agreements are as follows,

  1. To assign 1-2 line vision for TECNAA. TECNAA’s Vision said as “ To pioneer TECN and TECNAA by securing, upholding members. Making close communication, interaction between members and college.
  2. Mission are chalked out and noted. Events, publications are sorted out and left for categorization. They are as follows Effective Job Fair, Journal, Magazine, Iftar Party, Patronizing on Programs arranged on college, Seminar Arrangement,  Excursion/ Picnic. Committee agreed to recognize important events constitutionally to ensure continuation.
  3. Constitution agreements,
    • Name: Textile Engineering College Noakhali Alumni Association
    • Main Office: Begumgonj Textile Engineering College, Begumgong, Noakhali
    • Current Address: Current address will be somewhere in Dhaka, Later with fulfilling some specific requirement TECNAA members can open regional office that belong to main office.
    • Membership: Membership Types for TECNAA is : General Member, Life Time Member, Honorary Member. For General , Life time membership applicant should carry B Sc in Textile Course Completion Certificate. TECNAA’s constitutional board will decide on Honorary membership for any renowned person and proposal should passed with 70% of board voting.
    • If membership is not renewed for 2 years membership will be cancelled.
    • 4th Year student (will appear in Final Exam) can take Associate Membership to get access to web directory. This will help them to get internship and Job easily. For this, they need to contact with TECNAA’s information wing to get registration form and invitation code for website.
  4. TECNAA will communicate with everyone by his Facebook Page (https://www.facebook.com/tecnaa.web) and Group “TECNAA Steering” access will be available only to members of TECNAA. Group will be used to communicate, notice, circular that involved to Members.
  5. Committee sorted out the major expenditures may borne for TECNAA, tried find other sources to meet this and concluded the membership and renewal fee with 300 taka per year for Alumni Members.
  6. To get gear up the membership process, committee will start the membership registration batch wise. For membership everyone requested to contact below persons,
    • 1st Batch: Tarikul Islam, Ataullah Farhan
    • 2nd Batch: SM Suman Xico, Alamin Islam
    • 3rd Batch: Shailen Shaha, Abdullah Md. Al Amin
    • 4th Batch: Kamrul Selim, Pronob Roy
  7. Committee come to aggrement to arrange election by 31 Dec and requesting all member to register within next 2 months.
  8. Position for elected board is sorted out. This will be publish on Facebook group.
  9. Next meeting summoned on 5 August and this meeting closed with agenda as below,
    • Drafting TECNAA’s constitution
    • Formation of Election committee
    • Segregation of duties for TECNAA’s elected positions.
    • Evaluation on 1st meeting assigned task and completion review.

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