TECNAA Meeting Minutes 19 April, 2024

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1. TECNAA Executive Committee will visit TECN campus upon invitation from the Principal to discuss on various agenda. Schedule of the visit to be confirmed soon.
2. TECNAA will participate in the Hall Day-2024 which to be held on 16 December, 2024.
3. TECNAA is planning to arrange a reunion simultaneously on the same day as the Hall Day-2024.
4. New Alumni are requested to register and also members who are not yet renewed their membership, requested to renew within 16 December, 2024 following https://my.tecnaa.org/register/
5. TECNAA election scheduled to be held on 26 March, 2025. And accordingly EC will be formed as per TECNAA constitution.
6. Those who will not be registered member within 16 December, 2024 will not be the part of TECNAA Election-2025. Neither as Voter nor as Candidate.

7. TECNAA Will open Media Team under IT Advisors from Campus who focus on online content creation and management.

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